Thought of Today: March 27, 2017 at 05:16PM

“The true scarce commodity of the future will be human attention” Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft.

80: number of times you unlock your phone a day on average.

4.7 hours: average number of hours you engage your phone.

30% of daily media consumption is surfing the internet.

We are living in a world of digital noise.

Constant fragmentation of attention can result in PERMANENT loss of capacity for concentration.

FOMO: fear of missing out

A glance at twitter = 15-20 minutes of attention loss.


1. Work deep: work accomplished = time x intensity – Pomodoro
2. Protect your time: tally your hours + deep scheduling.
3. Meditate to refocus your brain
4. Detox digital dependency and social media. People who matter don’t care how many IG followers you have.
5. Cut the shallow work

Source: Cal Newport and other articles

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