Memoir Part 10: Lebanese Summer Vacations

My relationship to Lebanon is the relationship of a son to a war torn mother who has, under the heavy struggles of war, forgotten that her son even exists, but when he shows up, she hugs him unaware, with empty attention, while gazing to the fires and bombs in the horizon. I was born aContinue reading “Memoir Part 10: Lebanese Summer Vacations”

Memoir Part 9: American Summer Vacations

“These guys went to America!” Random boys playing on Korneich would gather around me and my brother, Hamoudi, and ask questions about America.  Their eyes flickered with excitement. “Did you see Michael Jackson?!” “How are the girls there?!” “Did you meet Rambo?!” Going to America was not a common thing if you live in UAEContinue reading “Memoir Part 9: American Summer Vacations”

Memoir Part 8 – Abu Mohamad – Sheik Kishk – Summer Vacations

Abu Mohamad was the Natoor (guard) of the bank over which we lived and where my father worked as a bank manager.  He stayed there for the afternoon and all night guarding the bank.  In a village like Khorfakhan, that is pretty much the most boring job.  I had lived in Khorfakhan for 6 years,Continue reading “Memoir Part 8 – Abu Mohamad – Sheik Kishk – Summer Vacations”

Memoir Part 7: Bomb on the Beach

Between the mountains and the sea, the breeze goes back and forth, alternating in the direction between night and day, elevating some of the torture of the hot perpendicular rays of the sun in the daytime, and the other torture of the high humidity at night. We played on the Kournish Thursday nights till weContinue reading “Memoir Part 7: Bomb on the Beach”

Memoir Part 6: Islam, hanan, and Death of Ayman

Islam Yakout Mohamed Mursi One of the names that I will never forget.  My brother from a different mother.  A dark-skinned Alexandrian boy from Egypt with an amazing sense of humor, as it is common among Egyptians.  Islam had no siblings, and I was his best friend.  His family treated him like I am his brother. Continue reading “Memoir Part 6: Islam, hanan, and Death of Ayman”

Memoir Part 5: The Bus to Fujairah 1983

The bus picks me and my brother Mohammed, who we nicknamed Hamoudi, (as it is commonly done to the name Mohammed in the Arabic world, the most popular name in the world),  every day in the morning.  As our apartment is on the beach, we wait under its breeze and the mountain view on theContinue reading “Memoir Part 5: The Bus to Fujairah 1983”

Memoir Part 4: Khorfakkan, Red Bricks, and Mosques

The word khor in Arabic means a cove … the little extension of water into land, as if the ocean has extended its tongue to lick something off the shore. The word fakkan is the dual form (in Arabic there is singular, plural, and dual forms for each word) of the word fakk which meansContinue reading “Memoir Part 4: Khorfakkan, Red Bricks, and Mosques”

Memoir Part 3: Idols, Khor Fakkan, and Fujairah

We learnt Islam in schools from Kindergarten.  We memorized the short Surahs (chapters of Quran) and recited them like Christmas carols.  We heard short stories of the prophets and day dreamed about them.  And we studied the Seerah (personal history) of the Prophet at a very young age and it was our bed times storiesContinue reading “Memoir Part 3: Idols, Khor Fakkan, and Fujairah”