Climbing Leaves by Wissam Charafeddine

Climbing Leaves

An impossible journey that must be taken. Love moves in very slowly and gradually, organically like climbing leaves. We never see it happen, but we wake up one day and the leaves are flickering at our window. A mix of Arabic passion with American clarity. Minimalistic at times, symbolic at others, and reflective in the majority.

They Said About it:

“A struggle between realism and idealism, producing much surrealism. Accompanied by photos taken by the author to complement the poetic meaning of the calm pages.”In “Climbing Leaves”, Wissam Charafeddine weaves a web of poetry, music, and photography that we can’t help but get entangled in. We are lured into a muffled entropy of questions which, though left unanswered, delight us in their playful uncertainty.”
Yousef Alqamoussi, author of “poems” (2019) and “chapter one: Costa Rica

” With delicacy and the vulnerabilities of nostalgia, Wissam Charafeddine’s poetry enters the heart through a journey of senses accessing memory. His words illustrate place and ignite sensibility while traveling through the pages of the words he creates.”
Ali Al-Arithy, Poet and Educator, author of “Safe:

”Deceptively simple, his poetry leads you smoothly, then it leaves you staring at the expanse of the city and the depths of its people. The silence in his poems is a teacher, teaching you to come to terms with seemingly opposite worlds that are, in his own words, swing “under the heedless sky” with “different directions, same rhythm.” Now in my first year in Michigan, in the nights I couldn’t go there, Charafeddine’s poetry captured “the sad Detroit river” for me, bringing me close enough to feel it, but keeping me “far enough to recreate” it.”
Dr. Wessam Elmeligi, Professor of Arabic Literature at University of Michigan-Dearborn

All of the poems in the Opposite swings are based on true stories, raw emotions, and a pure representation of their time. For that, I kept my editing to a minimum, for I published them after over a decade when they were written. I was still transforming culturally and intellectually. This poetry collection captures the struggle and transformation.

Climbing Leaves by Wissam Charafeddine

These poems are refreshing and unique. They’re full of coined phrases: “Climbing leaves”, “dogless bone”, “turn me into magic”. Captivating photography and music enhance the whole experience and transport the reader into a dimension of entanglement and frustration that ends with a slight reprieve of hope. The tranquil delicacy on the surface masks the violent tumult beneath it. I tumbled right along through this book. Great read.

Yousef Alqamoussi

A marvelous collection of poems that came just at the right time when we are looking for peace and comfort. His poems took me to places I haven’t been to before. I enjoyed his style of writing as it was short , sweet and easy to read .

Rafat Medawi

This poetry book is amazing!! It left me in total awe, it’s extremely moving, very emotional and so so real!

Amazon Customer