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Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you who know me have asked me: how do you manage to do so many different things and remain calm and organized?

The answer is years of reading, learning, and trial and error that led to a customized strategy that combines multiple tools and productivity methods put together in a one year paper planner called The W Planner.

As some of you know, I have recently finally produced the premium version of the W Planner… a version that truly represents the value that it holds and I can finally share with you.

The W Planner offers this list of 100 valuable tools: wissamc.com/2020/09/11/w-planner-offers

Finally, I would love for you to try this super productivity tool. I would like to extend you an early Buy One Get One Free offer today!

You can go to this site to order it: STORE

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“These poems are refreshing and unique. They’re full of coined phrases: “Climbing leaves”, “dogless bone”, “turn me into magic”. Captivating photography and music enhance the whole experience and transport the reader into a dimension of entanglement and frustration that ends with a slight reprieve of hope. The tranquil delicacy on the surface masks the violent tumult beneath it. I tumbled right along through this book. Great read.” Yousef Alqamoussi

The Opposite Swings
Climbing Leaves by Wissam Charafeddine
Pains by Wissam Charafeddine

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