5 Different Challenging Films to See

1. Variety The sexually charged tale of a woman’s journey of self-discovery, Bette Gordon’s VARIETY is a fascinating independent film that challenges common notions about feminism and pornography. Emerging out of the underground NYC arts scene that produced the late ’80s boom in American independent cinema, Variety contains the contributions of an impresive array of talent, includingContinue reading “5 Different Challenging Films to See”

Watch These 5 Films This Winter Break

1. Kill it and leave this town 2. Assassins The audacious murder of the brother of North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jon Un in a crowded Malaysian airport sparked a worldwide media frenzy. At the center of the investigation are two young women who are either cold-blooded killers or unwitting pawns in a political assassination.Continue reading “Watch These 5 Films This Winter Break”

Best Movies I Watched in 2020

5. Lawrence of Arabia Come on, you haven’t watched it yet?! Well, me, I was avoiding it intentionally for years because I don’t want to feel angry. But I had to finally face the ultimate betrayal of Arabs by Great Britain during the The Great Arab Revolt. The film is an epic, with Anthony Queen,Continue reading “Best Movies I Watched in 2020”