Thought of Today: October 29, 2016 at 01:57PM

In 1990’s … the ISIS of the world was the Christian Orthodox Serbian forces … but unfortunately there was no Youtube.

200,000 murdered
2 million refugees
60,000 rapes
26 historical massacres
650 mosques destroyed
1.5 million books burnt

If Youtube existed then, ISIS would look like doves compared to those beasts.

The problem in the world is not a religion … it is a bad species … delusional human beings … who with the right theological structure , can do so much evil.

One of the Solutions: IRSHAD

1. Religion/faith is personal and should be undeclared. (Separation of church and state)
2. Indoctrinate children on critical thinking, educate them on science, and let them pick their own spirituality at maturity.
3. Justice supersedes religion
4. Human wellbeing and quality of life is the bases of all decision making.

Countries in which IRSHAD members reside= 26 countries.
IRSHAD’s current budget a year= $12,000
Number of staff = 0
Join us. We need your leadership not your following.


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