Lessons For Trump’s America from the Ukrainian Revolution

With a polarized country heading to the unknown next Tuesday, it would be a good idea to study the Ukrainian 2014 revolution and the clash for 4 months with the government that ended the unfavorable elected government and replaced it with a European Union friendly government.

If the government makes decisions that defies people’s will, aspiration, and power, then the people are left with the option of peaceful protest. 

There was a price Ukrainians paid, which was the best men Ukraine has to offer sacrificed in this noble cause. 

106 deaths 

1811 injuries 

166 missing

November 2013-February 2014
Lessons for long term protestors: 

  • Have defense groups for protestors 
  • Take direct votes from the people 
  • Establish medical centers 
  • Secure premise against riot police 
  • Give a roll to each single protestor and form heirchy and tree of communication. 
  • Have anti tear gas equipment. 
  • Use media heavily to capture every corner of the premise 
  • Position yourself strategically and avoid being exposed to high points not under your control. 
  • Use fire to block riot police attacks
  • Have a fire extinguisher in every tent. 
  • Have a list of demands. 
  • Have negotiators but not leaders who represent you. The final decision is the crowd’s by voting. 

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