W Planner Offers…

W Planner Image
  1. High Quality Paper planner
  2. Undated (can start it at anytime and use it for any year)
  3. One Full Year of daily/weekly/monthly planning (an investment once a year)
  4. Personal Mission Statement worksheet
  5. Personal Value Statements worksheet
  6. Personal Vision worksheet
  7. Morning Rituals
  8. Daily follow up on Morning Rituals
  9. Monthly analysis of Morning Rituals
  10. Shutdown Rituals
  11. Daily follow up on Shutdown Rituals
  12. Monthly analysis of Shutdown Rituals
  13. Five Categories of Goals
  14. Five Year Goal in each category
  15. Five Year Goal breakdown into 5 sub-goals
  16. Sub-goal breakdown to 12 months goals
  17. Resolutions list
  18. 12 months accountability check for each resolution
  19. Desire and Incentives list
  20. Incorporating desires and incentives into achieving monthly goals
  21. Connect List
  22. Epiphanies and results of connecting
  23. Film and Show list
  24. Film and show ratings
  25. Best Film of the Year
  26. Reading List
  27. Book reviews
  28. Best Book of the Year
  29. Monthly Plan
  30. Monthly View
  31. Monthly Focus
  32. Monthly goals for each category
  33. Monthly achieved goals tracked with incentives
  34. Monthly goals broken into 4 weeks goals
  35. Monthly Projects List
  36. Monthly Annual Tasks
  37. Monthly Budget
  38. Goal’s Envelopes tracker
  39. Incentive Envelopes tracker
  40. Weekly expenditures tracker
  41. Learning of the Month List – Reading
  42. Learning of the Month List – Art/Music
  43. Learning of the Month List – Skills/Handy
  44. Learning of the Month List – History/Politics
  45. Learning of the Month List – Cooking/Health
  46. Learning of the Month List – Other
  47. Weekly Start View
  48. Brain Dump weekly box
  49. Gratitude weekly box
  50. Weekly Priorities Check List
  51. Move option for the weekly priorities check list
  52. Two page open weekly view
  53. Daily Time Blocks from 7AM to 12AM
  54. Daily Memorable Moments Box
  55. Daily Goal Tracking Box for each category
  56. Instructions for Color coded goal tracking
  57. Weekly Diary
  58. Monthly Report
  59. Top 10 monthly achievements
  60. Hour of Sleep/day tracking (you can get the information from your apple watch or other devices if not manually)
  61. Budget Balance monthly monitoring
  62. Weight Watch monthly box
  63. Feeling monitor – self rating out of 10
  64. Monthly Report on Morning Rituals and commentary on consistency
  65. Goal setting for Morning Rituals for next month
  66. Monthly Report on Shutdown Rituals and the commentary on consistency
  67. Goal setting for Shutdown Rituals for next month
  68. Monthly Report on Hours of Reading and commentary on consistency
  69. Goal setting for Hours of Reading for next month
  70. Monthly Report on Hours of TV and commentary on consistency
  71. Goal setting for Hours of TV for next month
  72. Monthly Report on Hours of Incentives and commentary on consistency
  73. Goal setting for Hours of Incentives for next month
  74. Monthly Report on Hours of Connecting and commentary on consistency
  75. Goal setting for Hours of Connecting for next month
  76. Monthly Report on Hours spent on Financial or Career Goals and commentary on consistency
  77. Goal setting for Hours spent on Financial or Career Goals for next month
  78. Monthly Report on Hours spent on Educational & Intellectual Goals and commentary on consistency
  79. Goal setting for Hours spent on Educational & Intellectual Goals for next month
  80. Monthly Report on Hours spent on Emotional, Mental, or Relational Goals and commentary on consistency
  81. Goal setting for Hours spent on Emotional, Mental, or Relational Goals for next month
  82. Monthly Report on Hours spent on Health, Body, and Image Goals and commentary on consistency
  83. Goal setting for Hours spent on Health, Body, and Image Goals for next month
  84. Monthly Report on Hours spent on Nonprofit or other Goals and commentary on consistency
  85. Goal setting for Hours spent on Nonprofit or other Goals for next month
  86. Monthly reflection on happy moments and do you increase them
  87. Monthly reflection on disappointments and how to decrease them
  88. Monthly Meeting setting with Mentor
  89. Monthly mentor feedback box with date and signature
  90. End of Year report
  91. Major 5 accomplishments of the year
  92. Growth essay
  93. Best memories of the year
  94. Worst disappointments of the year
  95. Summary Achievement Report
  96. Goals results breakdown for each category, including results, shortcomings, adjustments, time line, and new goal for next year.
  97. 20 Memo pages
  98. Timeline of the Year
  99. Book back pocket
  100. Pen holder, page mark ribbon, and book strap

Triannual Goal Report

It has been 4 months using the W Planner, and it is a good time for an overall reflection and analysis of managing myself for 2017.

Since February 1, 2017, when I started the W Planner electronically, I have had 1764 tasks.  I accomplished 1051 tasks, that is 60% of all the tasks assigned.

Some of the accomplishments of this year so far outside of full time work:


  • Successful and comfortable Diet plan losing about 15 pounds and feeling healthier.
  • Finished a course in Coursera in Music Theory
  • Studied one full piece of piano, and half of another.
  • Established the Advisory Board in one of the Non-profit organizations and recruited a number of volunteers for it.  Also started two regular recurring meetups for it.
  • Established Meetups in about 40 cities for another Non-profit organization and membership skyrocketed.
  •  Started Facebook Live Series and recorded the first two episodes live.
  • Launching WDD with a full time Chief Designer.
  • Successful Family Vacation in Florida
  • Establishment of a Arches business group
  • Established new relationships through attending a leadership meeting for a specific Michigan coalition.
  • Found a co-organizer for Muslimish-Detroit
  • Secured the ANEX of the Arab American History Museum for the Arabic Poetry Meetup.
  • Completed 7 days consecutively of meditation.
  • Established Dearborn Blog and Detroit Blog.
  • Met with the renowned traveler and hiker Assam Saidi
  • Established Charaf Group LLC
  • Established Caulousheh
  • Launched Yousician training for Reem and Bob
  • Agreement on the structure of dearbornblog.com
  • Learned the 12 bar blues on the key of A on guitar
  • Finished reading and studying Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • Created Muslimish Conference promo video and 2017 conference site
  • Established Dearborn Arabic Poetry Open Mic (DAPOM)
  • Leased the HOUSE to be HQ for all companies
  • Managed to reach a success rate of 72% at one time which was the record high so far
  • Prepared for a lecture to be given in several conferences
  • Visited and Discovered London and reconnected with Walid Marmar
  • Gained Arab American News as a client for WDD
  • Established relationship with Sheik Ahmad Alkatib and Walid to establish IRSHAD office in London.
  • Trained Walid to represent WDD in England
  • Launched Arabic Poetry Night first meeting
  • Increased quality time with family
  • Won DENMARK in PS4 FIFA 2016 World Class level
  • Started Atkins initiation diet successfully
  • 14% fluent in French through Duolingo
  • Contracted advanced developers for advanced projects in WDD
  • Discovered a website that will allow us to create courses online
  • Took a Marketing Course successfully
  • Hanan Yahya joins powers with me to work on WDD, W Institute, and W Network.
  • Two certificates in learning guitar
  • Created the first video for W network and decided on direction of electronic marketing for it
  • Launched London Trip Travel Memoir and blogged half of it so far.
  • Launched my personal memoir and blogged up to 1984.
  • Initiated the IRSHAD Conference Planning Committee



2017.3.3.a: Wake up at 6AM. Meditate to 6:15. Deep Work 6:15 to 8am.
2017.3.3.b: In order for me to read and sleep, I have to be in bed by 10:30, otherwise a nap of 1 hour is needed in the afternoon.
2017.3.3.c: Check mail only once a week and scan only once a month
2017.2.24.a: Facebook is deleted as a phone application
2017.2.24.b: Ceaze sharing of movie going on last Tuesdays of the month and enjoy going alone
2017.2.23: Stop giving appointments to individuals who always perceive you as late
2017.3.7.a: Change resolution 2017.2.24.a from deleting Facebook App to delete or hide Facebook App (to accommodate work tasks when needed)
2017.3.8.a: Prohibit phone from bedroom after 10PM and move the charging station for it outside of the bedroom.
2017.3.12.a: Use Pomodoro technique for daily tasks. Each pomodoro section counts for two days on the planner.
2017.3.13.a: Use daily timed blocks technique on the W planner sheet or on a separate sheet or notebook.
2017.3.17.a: Implement Resolution #2017.3.3.a [wake up at 6. Meditate to 6:15. Deep Work 6:15 to 8am. ] gradually by decreasing 15 minutes weekly of wake up time  starting at 7:45AM
2017.3.20.a: Add Arabesque Cafe to Arches Time.
2017.3.20.b: Move Autoboard to LEKA/Geobuzz Time and Dedicate its time to cleaning and personal errands.
2017.3.28.a: Consider Arabic Poetry Open Mic part a Dearborn blog project.
2017.4.9.a: Incorporating Leisure and Social Time into calendar as one new category under Business.
2017.4.9.b: Make Europe trip every Spring a habit for Spring Break.
2017.4.17.a: Read two Get Abstracts a week and one book a month instead of one book every two weeks.
2017.4.17.b: Combine Charaf Group with Arches and Arabesque Cafe
4.17.17.c: Dedicate time for Leisure on daily basis.
2017.4.24.a: Organize goals as to measure closeness to achieving the annual goal
2017.4.29.a: Cook or try one new meal a week
2017.4.30.a: Cease sharing pictures with friends via text.

2017.4.30.c: Change resolution 2017.3.3.c from “Check Mail  once a week and scan  once a month” to “Check Mail and scan only once a week” since I have made scanning easier with Cloud Scan


Weight planned 201
Weight Actual 203.5
Diet 77.78%
Menu 81.35%
Exercise 82.14%
Meditation 54.37%
Sleep 8 hours/day 48.59%
Online Courses 81.75%
Piano 59.13%
Guitar 55.16%
Publishing/ Writing 90.48%
French 89.29%
Reading 65.08%
W Network 24.21%
WDD 70.24%
Arches/W Institute/ Charaf 56.35%
Personal Errands 50.00%
Front End Dev. 40.08%
Dearborn Blog 14.29%
Leisure 57.14%
Family 64.68%
Friends 88.89%
game 100.00%
Non-profit 100.00%



Failures and Challenges

I am not afraid of the word failure, so I like to use it in a failing forward kind of way.

Below 70% that needs a new plan:

  1. Family Time:
  2. Dearborn Blog:
  3. Front End Dev.:
  4. W Institute
  5. Charaf Group
  6. Arches Group
  7. W Network:
  8. Reading:
  9. Guitar:
  10. Piano:
  11. Sleep
  12. Meditation

Below 88% that needed improvement:

  1. WDD
  2. Online Courses
  3. Exercise
  4. Menu