Triannual Goal Report

It has been 4 months using the W Planner, and it is a good time for an overall reflection and analysis of managing myself for 2017.

Since February 1, 2017, when I started the W Planner electronically, I have had 1764 tasks.  I accomplished 1051 tasks, that is 60% of all the tasks assigned.

Some of the accomplishments of this year so far outside of full time work:


  • Successful and comfortable Diet plan losing about 15 pounds and feeling healthier.
  • Finished a course in Coursera in Music Theory
  • Studied one full piece of piano, and half of another.
  • Established the Advisory Board in one of the Non-profit organizations and recruited a number of volunteers for it.  Also started two regular recurring meetups for it.
  • Established Meetups in about 40 cities for another Non-profit organization and membership skyrocketed.
  •  Started Facebook Live Series and recorded the first two episodes live.
  • Launching WDD with a full time Chief Designer.
  • Successful Family Vacation in Florida
  • Establishment of a Arches business group
  • Established new relationships through attending a leadership meeting for a specific Michigan coalition.
  • Found a co-organizer for Muslimish-Detroit
  • Secured the ANEX of the Arab American History Museum for the Arabic Poetry Meetup.
  • Completed 7 days consecutively of meditation.
  • Established Dearborn Blog and Detroit Blog.
  • Met with the renowned traveler and hiker Assam Saidi
  • Established Charaf Group LLC
  • Established Caulousheh
  • Launched Yousician training for Reem and Bob
  • Agreement on the structure of
  • Learned the 12 bar blues on the key of A on guitar
  • Finished reading and studying Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • Created Muslimish Conference promo video and 2017 conference site
  • Established Dearborn Arabic Poetry Open Mic (DAPOM)
  • Leased the HOUSE to be HQ for all companies
  • Managed to reach a success rate of 72% at one time which was the record high so far
  • Prepared for a lecture to be given in several conferences
  • Visited and Discovered London and reconnected with Walid Marmar
  • Gained Arab American News as a client for WDD
  • Established relationship with Sheik Ahmad Alkatib and Walid to establish IRSHAD office in London.
  • Trained Walid to represent WDD in England
  • Launched Arabic Poetry Night first meeting
  • Increased quality time with family
  • Won DENMARK in PS4 FIFA 2016 World Class level
  • Started Atkins initiation diet successfully
  • 14% fluent in French through Duolingo
  • Contracted advanced developers for advanced projects in WDD
  • Discovered a website that will allow us to create courses online
  • Took a Marketing Course successfully
  • Hanan Yahya joins powers with me to work on WDD, W Institute, and W Network.
  • Two certificates in learning guitar
  • Created the first video for W network and decided on direction of electronic marketing for it
  • Launched London Trip Travel Memoir and blogged half of it so far.
  • Launched my personal memoir and blogged up to 1984.
  • Initiated the IRSHAD Conference Planning Committee



2017.3.3.a: Wake up at 6AM. Meditate to 6:15. Deep Work 6:15 to 8am.
2017.3.3.b: In order for me to read and sleep, I have to be in bed by 10:30, otherwise a nap of 1 hour is needed in the afternoon.
2017.3.3.c: Check mail only once a week and scan only once a month
2017.2.24.a: Facebook is deleted as a phone application
2017.2.24.b: Ceaze sharing of movie going on last Tuesdays of the month and enjoy going alone
2017.2.23: Stop giving appointments to individuals who always perceive you as late
2017.3.7.a: Change resolution 2017.2.24.a from deleting Facebook App to delete or hide Facebook App (to accommodate work tasks when needed)
2017.3.8.a: Prohibit phone from bedroom after 10PM and move the charging station for it outside of the bedroom.
2017.3.12.a: Use Pomodoro technique for daily tasks. Each pomodoro section counts for two days on the planner.
2017.3.13.a: Use daily timed blocks technique on the W planner sheet or on a separate sheet or notebook.
2017.3.17.a: Implement Resolution #2017.3.3.a [wake up at 6. Meditate to 6:15. Deep Work 6:15 to 8am. ] gradually by decreasing 15 minutes weekly of wake up time  starting at 7:45AM
2017.3.20.a: Add Arabesque Cafe to Arches Time.
2017.3.20.b: Move Autoboard to LEKA/Geobuzz Time and Dedicate its time to cleaning and personal errands.
2017.3.28.a: Consider Arabic Poetry Open Mic part a Dearborn blog project.
2017.4.9.a: Incorporating Leisure and Social Time into calendar as one new category under Business.
2017.4.9.b: Make Europe trip every Spring a habit for Spring Break.
2017.4.17.a: Read two Get Abstracts a week and one book a month instead of one book every two weeks.
2017.4.17.b: Combine Charaf Group with Arches and Arabesque Cafe
4.17.17.c: Dedicate time for Leisure on daily basis.
2017.4.24.a: Organize goals as to measure closeness to achieving the annual goal
2017.4.29.a: Cook or try one new meal a week
2017.4.30.a: Cease sharing pictures with friends via text.

2017.4.30.c: Change resolution 2017.3.3.c from “Check Mail  once a week and scan  once a month” to “Check Mail and scan only once a week” since I have made scanning easier with Cloud Scan


Weight planned 201
Weight Actual 203.5
Diet 77.78%
Menu 81.35%
Exercise 82.14%
Meditation 54.37%
Sleep 8 hours/day 48.59%
Online Courses 81.75%
Piano 59.13%
Guitar 55.16%
Publishing/ Writing 90.48%
French 89.29%
Reading 65.08%
W Network 24.21%
WDD 70.24%
Arches/W Institute/ Charaf 56.35%
Personal Errands 50.00%
Front End Dev. 40.08%
Dearborn Blog 14.29%
Leisure 57.14%
Family 64.68%
Friends 88.89%
game 100.00%
Non-profit 100.00%



Failures and Challenges

I am not afraid of the word failure, so I like to use it in a failing forward kind of way.

Below 70% that needs a new plan:

  1. Family Time:
  2. Dearborn Blog:
  3. Front End Dev.:
  4. W Institute
  5. Charaf Group
  6. Arches Group
  7. W Network:
  8. Reading:
  9. Guitar:
  10. Piano:
  11. Sleep
  12. Meditation

Below 88% that needed improvement:

  1. WDD
  2. Online Courses
  3. Exercise
  4. Menu

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