Memoir part 1: Electra, Blondes, and Snapchat

Electra …. My parents were living on a street called Electra when I was born in Abu Dhabi in the winter of 1976. Well, there is no such thing as winter if you are living the United Arab Emirates, but for the UAE residents, if  you are not getting a heat stroke, then it isContinue reading “Memoir part 1: Electra, Blondes, and Snapchat”

Days are Never Short

The day is never short. It is a uniform container. If it is too busy, or you feel it has not enough time, it is because you are over filling it.  Here is the remedy: Simplify: Toss out the junk (facebook, youtube, TV, etc…) Simplify your communication through one or two emails only, and oneContinue reading “Days are Never Short”