The Overwhelming Unconscious Critic

Every observation, whether it is barely conscious, or unconscious at all, made by my brain to my surrounding is registering a distaste or admiration.

Unfortunately in Dearborn/Dearborn Heights area, it is mostly registering distaste and irritability for the lack of aesthetic value.  It is a city inter-commuted only by car, biking and walking unfriendly, with over crowded streets and houses, and a population of crazy young drivers who all seem in a hurry to get somewhere very soon, if not racing or revving for entertainment.

No way to stop this overwhelming flood of ugliness into your unconscious except to separate yourself completely from your environment, if not leaving the city all together.

Days are Never Short

The day is never short. It is a uniform container. If it is too busy, or you feel it has not enough time, it is because you are over filling it.  Here is the remedy:

  1. Simplify:
    1. Toss out the junk (facebook, youtube, TV, etc…)
    2. Simplify your communication through one or two emails only, and one messaging app.
    3. Minimize your style so you don’t spend much time there.
  2. Let Go:
    1. You can’t do it all. Say NO to previous commitments and memberships.
    2. This moment becomes your new ideal
    3. Cut the strings out of what is hanging… let it float away from you … then be free to visit when you want to, … with no strings attached.

You Are Never Neutral

“I believe that you should not belong to anything in life. Be free and don’t be labled.”, she said to me.

But does she know that there is no such place as unbelonging.  There is no such thing as labelless, because the moment you consider yourself labelless, you have labelled yourself as such.

Your silence is a vote.

Your inactivity is a passive action that emboldens and empowers those with activity.

Your disinvolvement is a blank check to those who are involved to change the world, on your behalf, without your knowledge or authorization.

I am sorry to tell you, that your uninvolvement and silence are very damaging action!  As Paulo Freire says it:

If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful – we don’t remain neutral.