Thought of the Day

This rock is a history book of 350 Million years of history. Each inch narrates a history of about 10,000 years. Every page of this book, with all the plant and animal fossils within it, matches the model of evolution. Not one contradiction. Not one exception. Never has been a theory more proven in science, to the extent that it is now the basis of all modern understanding of science.

Unfortunately, as an engineer, I didn’t get to understand it till I was in my late 20’s.

If you don’t understand the theory of evolution, take few months of reading on it, for it is the ABC’s of the education of a modern man. Without understanding it, you are choosing to be scientifically illiterate. HIGHSCHOOL and COLLEGE won’t teach it. It is a personal effort.

Recommended Books:
1. The origin of species
2. The Selfish Gene
3. The Fish Within Us
4. The Greatest Show on Earth
5. Unweaving the Rainbow
6. The Magic of Reality

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