Thought of Today: July 22, 2018 at 02:21AM

The “Arab Spring” was the beginning and not the end of a continuous shock waves to come to the Arab world.

No nation has less imagined characters than the Arab nations…. a product of haphazard borders drawn by French and Birtish diplomats in 1918 who ignored history, geography, economy, culture, and religion.

For example, South Lebanon (Jabal Amel) and its inhabitants were completely ignored in the Cycas Beacon agreement, and through out the Lebanese national identity up to 1975 when consequentially Civil war broke up, and still going (in the form of cold civil war).

The Islamic imagined identity, or pan-Arabic imagined identity are far stronger than the national one.

That’s why I believe in the inevitable Arabic Unity in the future, once the decadence of the Arab world reaches an implausible and impossible level that result in continuous revolutions.

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