Thought of Today: July 07, 2018 at 06:53AM

My greatest epiphany of this year so far is that we (homosapiens) were better off as Hunters Gatherers and that the agricultural revolution 11,000 years ago was a bad thing that happened to us and to Earth.

1. We became domesticated and enslaved by crops and eventually by each other.

2. We lost the sense of freedom and mindfulness.

3. We had to work more hours, in straneous positions that had tolls on our bodies, and very boring jobs (while hunting was fun for men and gathering was fun for women).

4. We grew at unhealthy proportions, acquiring diseases, over population, and competition which made us loose our quality of life.

5. We grew far from communial societies, which brought us depression, anxiety, loneliness, and always missing someone that we love. We used to be always together with everyone we loved all the time.

6. We divided earth into monopolized properties and restricted human flow.

7. We created a construct of religions and kingdoms and social structures that added nothing but hatred and stress to our being.

8. More to come

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