Thought of Today: June 03, 2018 at 02:58PM

The first Homo sapiens teaching New Zealand were the Maoris about 8000 years ago.

Fossil record shows that the majority of the local megafauna and 60% of all bird species were extinct within 200 years of their arrival.

Mammoths who have flourished for millions of years, as human reach their spaces, they were hunted to extinction. The last mammoths of Wrangel arctic Island disappeared about 4000 years ago when when humans reached the Island.

Out of the 24 Australian animal species weighing 100 pounds or more, 23 became extinct within few thousand years from the arrival of Homo sapiens. The Island was never effected by a worst calamity in history that the arrival of our species that acts like viruses to the environment.

History is and will repeat itself if not drastic measures are take.

Trump withdrew from Paris accord in 2018.

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