Thought of Today: February 07, 2018 at 10:45AM

Mark Zuckerberg:
Net worth = $37.5B
Car worth = $24,000
Cloth worth = $40 (jeans and T-shirt)
Lesson: live below your means,
Car and cloth are not important

Warren Buffett:
Net Worth = $52B
Home cost = $26,000
Still lives in it since 50 years.
Lesson: Home is where you are comfortable. Choose modest living for peace of mind.

Net Worth = $380 M
Spends on Jewelry and makeup = $0
Used only gifts
Lesson: hack life with freebies

Ingvar Kamprad:
Net Worth = $2.8B
Founder of ikea
Always Uses both sides of a paper
Eats in ikea stores all the times
Lesson: use what you got. Don’t waste.

Michael Bloomberg:
Network = $34B
Has two pairs of work shoes.
Gets them resoled and reheeled instead of buying new ones.
Lesson: nothing wrong with cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Jay Leno:
Networth= $294M
Works two jobs. Saves one salary.
Lesson: discipline yourself for saving.

T Boone Pickens (BP)
Networth = $1.25B
Followed strict shopping list and only carried enough cash to buy what is on the list to stick to his budget.
Lesson: have a budget and don’t deviate

Elon Musk
Networth = $10.6B
Trained himself on living on a $1 per day before he left his job to become an entrepreneur and focus on his dreams.
Lesson: cut expenses and be ready to live on nothing

Steve Jobs
Networth = $5.7B
Never bought a new winter coat since he didn’t think he would use one enough to make him buy a new one.
Lesson: only buy what you really need

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