Thought of Today: January 05, 2018 at 11:30PM


Sleep deprivation has been shown to effect:
1. Decision-making
2. Ethics
3. Health
4. Time estimation

Creative thinking drops by 45% under high level of time pressure. (Teresa Amabile, Harvard)

Sleeping only 7 hours a night for a while will bring an A student in the top 10% to the bottom 9% of the non-sleep deprived in her class.

39% of Americans work 50 or more hours.

18% work 60 or more.

6.8 hours: average sleep an America. Gets at night

2 weeks of 6 hours a night sleep makes a person effectively equivalent to a drunk person.

The amount of happiness resulting from the extra overtime pay in money from working 70 hours is less than the unhappiness from the imbalance of work-life it causes.

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