Thought of Today: May 05, 2017 at 11:08PM

Google Ads is the worst thing that happened to our modern species. Search engines and social networks should be non-profit organizations. Information and communication are human rights and not a commodity.

1 thought on “Thought of Today: May 05, 2017 at 11:08PM”

  1. I hate ads too. I hate them on the TV, on the tablet and video ads especially which I am forced to watched. However ……..I think your commentary is not fair or complete. Google is an amazing company that works hard to do as little ‘evil’ as possible (compare it to Comcast). Google has done so much good for the world. They should be last on the list of companies to criticize. They have done something amazing by making the best search engine and many other services that millions and billions of people use for free. If you search “What is Google’s annual server costs”, you’ll see a page talking about billions of dollars for server maintenance costs.
    Another example is maintaining the open-source Android operating system is done for free too and now mostly everyone has an Android phone. Another example is Youtube. We watch videos for free and according to one site “All this bandwidth costs Google $360 million a year, the analysts estimate.”
    It costs money for a company to provide/create products and services. It costs money to develop, fine-tune and maintain a search engine.
    If there was a way people would get together and create that funding for the service that would be great. Until we have that mechanism in society, we cannot criticize companies for creating their own source of funding. Serving ads is just a different kind of revenue system. If you dont like that kind of revenue, you have to suggest alternatives and even then, we’re just sitting at home on the couch criticizing stuff. They do what they have to do and they have the right to do so. We’re just consumers of their services. Most of us are not contributing anything to the world other than consuming products and services.
    Ads suck, I agree. I hate advertising too but it is part of the industry today. Things might change in the future but that’s going to take time.
    I think in an ideal world things like that could/should be funded and supported by public taxes because all of us that service.


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