Thought of Today: March 15, 2017 at 11:04AM

Fashion Advice from a fashion expert friend in London to me:

1. Do not dress like American icons because they don’t know how to dress. They are rich and fashionless. Even our President’s fashion sucks.
2. Don’t wear running shoes, but wear comfortable shoes.
3. Don’t wear t-shirts with writing on them.
4. No slippers, sweat pants, hoodies, anything with a college emblem or name , no jerseys, no pajamas ever should leave the house.
5. If you pull a shirt or jacket more than 3 inches off your body, it is too big.
6. Jeans must be dark or white. No light blue jeans .
7. If you are over weight, lose weight. There is no fashion remedy to this.
8. Glasses, watches, scarves, and anything you put on, must match 100%. Check Pinterest if you are not sure.
9. No white socks
10. No Nike unless you are running in the gym.

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