Thought of Today: March 13, 2017 at 12:24PM

Fight for freedom is gradual and eternal. Today’s fight for freedom can be manifested in:

1. Ending Israeli occupation to Palestine
2. Closing Guantanamo
3. Ending gender pay gap and economic severe inequality
4. Giving Transgenders access to their self-identified-gender BR
5. Ending search of electronic devices at border entries
6. Limiting NSA invasion of privacy
7. Limiting detention time at border crossings to 1 hour maximum
8. Redefining border crossing among nations
9. Ending endoctrination of children into sects and religions
10. Eliminating nationalism from education and teaching world citizenship
11. Redefining the 2nd amendment as allowing people to have equivalent legal power as government instead of arms.
12. Sanctioning countries that violate human rights and people’s right for self-determination and rule.

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