Thought of Today: December 10, 2016 at 03:50PM

Every person who is part of a system is responsible of the actions inflicted by that system. No excuse for any level of function or duty.

Every soldier in war is responsible for war crimes. There is no such thing as chain of command when it comes to morals.

Quran states that the Pharoah, and Haman (his minister), and their soldiers were wrong.

“إن فرعون و هامان و جنودهما كانوا خاطئين”

And Prophet Mohammad used to say that God will take revenge of the oppressor, and whoever sharpens their pencil or hang their whip.

“إن الله ينتقم من الظالم و ممن برا له قلماً أو علّق له صوتاً”

If you are part of a system, and you are, wether a city, a company, a college, a society, a State, a nation, a government, an organization, a religion, or a club, speak out against wrong or you are equally a wrong doer.

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