Thought of Today: November 18, 2016 at 10:41AM

In Islam, voting is basically being vocal and active in religious arenas. When the moderate mulims didn’t “vote” (being passive and unparticipatory), the Extremists took over Islam and the Islamic agenda.

Muslims are waking up late to that.

We have promoted being vocal and aware from 2005 in IRSHAD. We have promoted departing from sectarian rhetorics and defeating the Sectarian labels. We have promoted re-reading of history and removing immunity from all holy figures and texts. We have promoted a true, honest, and objective re-examining of our Islamic doctrines and positions.

The majority of Muslims agree with our movement and identify with it. But the ones that are willing to “vote” are few. Our speakers were isolated intentionally from all local mosques and conventions and still are.

When people don’t vote, we forfeit truth, and embolden bigotry and hatred.


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