Thought of Today: October 24, 2016 at 09:47AM


In a three year research known as “The Learning Habit Study” where 46,000 American households were studied, the following was found:

1. Screen time and declining grades are related. Even half an hour a day of screen time. 4 hours a day will cause the grade to drop by an entire grade. (Average American kid screen time is 7 hours per day now)

2. Kids who spent more time on screens were less able to persist at difficult tasks and exhibit more emotional volatility than those who engaged in less screen time.

3. Study recommended doing chores together and taking a walk or playing board games together.

Researchers: Brown, Brandeis, Children’s National Medical Center, and New England Center for Pediatric Psychology.

Published in: American Journal of Family Therapy and in a book called The Learning Habit.

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