Thought of Today: September 23, 2016 at 09:32AM

There is a new fashion style called modesty.

I guess when a Hijab wearing girl is featured in Playboy, that says that there is nothing that you can do to make an attractive or “sexy” woman less attractive or “sexy” to men (or to women to be politically correct in 2016), no matter how much modesty you try to wrap her with. It is just natural. Biology happens. It is part of the essence of the woman to appear attractive and beautiful. You can never stop a flower from being a flower. It is her essence.

In a civilized society, men and women will treat each other based on respect rather than on attraction. It is just a silent agreement. Clothes don’t change anything. At the end, we see with our brains and not eyes.

Hijab fashion, hijab cat walks, style of hijabs, the exuberant colors, styles of Hijabi face make up, etc… are a testimony that women will always override, consciously or unconsciously, superstition and tradition when they contradict their biology and essence.

Biology wins!

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