Thought of Today: August 30, 2016 at 03:53PM

Dear Dearborn Business person: The next time you are opening something in Dearborn, which is the highest concentration of Arab Speakers outside the Arabic world , here are some ideas other than a Barbershop, pharmacy, butcher, or grocery store:

1. Arabic themed cafe
2. Heritage desert life themed restaurant
3. Arabic music institute
4. Yoga place
5. Pottery place
6. Children cooking themed place
7. Arabic bookstore cafe
8. Egyptian cuisine restaurant
9. Moroccan cuisine restaurant
10. Bake your own Mankooshy place
11. Vegetarian only middle eastern cuisine restaurant
12. Fooul specialty place
13. Real Falafil specialty place
14. Arabic calligraphy institute
15. Arabic antique used and new shop
16. Painting with a Twist but arabic themed paintings

Add other suggestions for them below.

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