Thought of Today: August 13, 2016 at 11:29PM

In the conscious of the vast majority of Arabs, all the borders that were drawn by Mark Sykes and Francois Picot in 1917 that are now the borders of the Arabic countries, do not equal a monkey’s fart.

All the brain washing didn’t work and it will never work. You can’t wash 1500 years of history in 50 years or 100 years. ISIS has proven that the Arabic youth still don’t see any meaning for these borders.

The last 100 years of the Arabic history is not respected by Arabic youth. They go before that to find their identity. Any Arabic political structure that does not respect that feeling of one identity and one destination will fail eventually.

The Palestinian issue is every Arab’s number one issue.

The Fall of Beirut in 1982 and the fall of Baghdad in 2003 are the worst two days in the Arabic modern conscious since 1967 Naksah.

Damascus is the capital of every Arabic person.

There is nothing organic that separates Arabs. It goes against every ounce of their nature and the nature of their region.

The West will continue to miscalculate due to the lack of understanding of this aspect.

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