Thought of Today: August 05, 2016 at 12:46AM

The perception that the design of the universe is perfect is a delusion; we are a product of the chaos, so we don’t notice.

So to be alive and healthy, being able to smell the breeze and enjoy the clouds, is to be very lucky. No matter when you die, it doesn’t matter, you are still very lucky to enjoy whatever number of days on this Earth against all the tremendous odds and challenges.

Here are some examples of the chaos of the cruel and blind universe we live in:

1. Most planet orbits are unstable.
2. Most places in the universe kills life instantly.
3. Galaxy orbits brings us near a supernova which is destructive.
4. We are in the path of colliding with meteors.
5. One way expanding universe.
6. Earth quakes.
7. Volcanos
8. Tsunamis
9. Floods
10. Tornados
11. Hurricanes
12. Lightning
13. 2/3 of the surface of Earth is not livable by humans
14. on the rest of the 1/3, 50% is not livable due to temperature or desert.
15. Killer asteroids have caused mass extinctions on Earth and they will in the future.
16. Major plagues and diseases
17. climate shift
18. 99% of all life that ever existed is now extinct.
19. Inner solar system is a shooting tank that keeps shooting randomly.
20. It took 3.5 billion years to make a multicellular life on a single planet.
21. Aggressive childhood diseases.
22. Narrow view of electromagnetic spectrum.
23. Vision loss of age (almost 100%)
24. Teeth fall out
25. Alzheimer’s
26. Prostate Cancer
27.Warm blooded must eat constantly.
28. Practically vegetables for 1/3 of our lives.
29. Can’t detect naturally what kills us like magnetic fields, radiation, radon, CO, CH4, CO2, etc..
30. 157 Cognitive biases … we literally can rarely think correctly.

and 1000’s more.

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