Thought of Today: August 02, 2016 at 12:10PM

Average America home has over 300,000 item and the average American wastes 55 min a day looking for stuff. Clutter causes depression.

Minimalism is the solution. It is the future.

10 Tips:

1. Scan any important documents or mail and throw away. (Scan apps are mostly free)

2. Have multiple use for each item when possible. For example, a cutting wood board is also a plate.

3. Wash reusables and clothes more often so you can have less and maximize utility.

4. If you want to buy something and you ask your self if you really need it, the answer is always no.

5. Have a rule: if you add something to your house, get rid of something.

6. Borrow or rent things that you use only occasionally.

7. Use technology to store books and pictures and notes etc…

8. No meaningless decorations! They are all junk. Only hang or place art or artifact that have a very inspirational meaning to you.

9. Get rid of exact duplicates of anything.

10. You don’t need any kitchen sets more than 5. If you are serving more than 5 people, you should use paper or plastic.

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