Thought of Today: July 02, 2016 at 08:24AM

The Human Mind Is Naturally Prone To the Following Egocentric Tendencies:
1. egocentric memory (the natural tendency to “forget” evidence and information which does not support our thinking and to “remember” evidence and information which does)
2. egocentric myopia (the natural tendency to think in an absolutist way within an overly narrow point of view)
3. egocentric infallibility (the natural tendency to think that our beliefs are true because we believe them)
4. egocentric righteousness (the natural tendency to feel superior in the light of our confidence that we are in the possession of THE TRUTH)
5. egocentric hypocrisy (the natural tendency to ignore flagrant inconsistencies between what we profess to believe and the actual beliefs our behavior imply, or inconsistencies between the standards to which we hold ourselves and those to which we expect others to adhere)
6. egocentric oversimplification (the natural tendency to ignore real and important complexities in the world in favor of simplistic notions when consideration of those complexities would require us to modify our beliefs or values)
7. egocentric blindness (the natural tendency not to notice facts or evidence which contradict our favored beliefs or values) 
8. egocentric immediacy (the natural tendency to over-generalize immediate feelings and experiences–so that when one event in our life is highly favorable or unfavorable, all of life seems favorable or unfavorable as well)
9. egocentric absurdity (the natural tendency to fail to notice thinking which has “absurd” consequences, when noticing them would force us to rethink our position)
Taken from The Miniature Guide to the Human Mind

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