Thought of Today: May 31, 2016 at 06:31PM

Steve Jobs used to go when he was 14 years old (8th grade-1969) every Tuesday night to Hewlett Packard research lab in Palo Alto trying to write programs on the HP4100.

Bill Gates used to go to IBM with his uncle when he was 12 (6th grade) to program whenever he had a chance. He opened his first software company at 15 (9th grade) called “Traf-O-Data” and his revenue was $20,000.

Warren Buffet read every book of finance in the public library near his house at the age of 12 (6th grade).

If your child is sitting playing with his nose Tuesday nights, don’t expect to see him/her the genius of the future.

The future starts now… No matter what their age is.

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