Checking Email 3 Times Daily

The average business personnel receives about 125 emails daily and sends about 41 emails. [SOURCE]

Although, Tim Ferris in his book, the 4 Hours Work Week, recommends checking email twice a day, I think we need to up that to 3 times given that the book was written about a decade ago, before the Smart Phone revolution.

I recommend checking the Email 3 times daily only, Continue reading “Checking Email 3 Times Daily”

Boredom + Boredom = More Boredom

If the meaninglessness of life, redundancy of living, the overwhelming frontal lob that is far beyond your survival need, and its consequential deep thinking that can be fruitless to your needs and desires, all place you in a state of boredom, then you are in a good place.

That is a place from which you emerge into enlightenment. Not easily, but eventually.

We often try to escape boredom by meeting another bored person, or entertaining ourselves by empty boring games … Literally games! The loudness of these futile gatherings or spectating, hides the constant whispers of our bored mind.

The journey to exit that dimly lit room of boredom is an exciting journey. If you are in that path and you meet someone else who is in the same path, then an exciting company in an exciting journey has started.