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via Instagram Our forgotten Arab hero’s:
Look at him serving the Arab world not being identified by any of the Sykes Picot divisions. .
Born in Kfar Chima (Lebanon) in 1869.
He was educated at Abaya High School and the American College of Beirut.
He worked as a teacher in Lattakia for many years.
He was one of the members of the Almuntada Aladaby which established the Arab nationalist movement in early 20th century. .
He then went to Egypt to serve as the Chief Justice of the Sudan Government Agency.

Is one of the biggest leagues and translators in this Era, and published his scientific and social articles in major magazines such as Crescent and extract. Known for his proofreading.
Published many books and articles and published three books of poetry, many of it written to describe the historical events of his time. .
He died in Cairo in 1935. .
He is Asaad Khalil Dagher. .
#thegreatarabrevolt September 21, 2019 at 02:54PM

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