25 Fashion Rules

1. Don’t use bottom button on blazers.

2. don’t wash clothes often (except for underwear).

 3. Polish leather shoes, not only for shine, but also for quality maintenance.

4. Match bag with clothing.

5. Match your leathers (shoes, belt, etc…)

6. No to Novelty anything

7. Only tuck in dress and tail shirts.

8. If you can pull it 3 inches away from your chest without stretching , it is big.

9. Skinny is the new standard.

10. Keep underwear plain dark

11. Women look at shoes first. Fashion is more important than comfort, otherwise there wouldn’t be high heels and ties.

12. Accessories : max 2

13. Don’t save money on glasses

14. Have your brand and know it.

15. Piss off people that you don’t like a little bit at least . Yes, it is a fashion advise.

16. Never ever show undershirts beneath your shirts. Don’t wear them if you can’t avoid it.

17. Steve Jobs is the last person to wear turtle necks.

18. No slippers except on the beach or pool side.

19. You have to have brown leather boots.

20. Contrast colors. Match complimentary not same colors.

21. Make a statement with beard, hair, glasses, shoes, or at least scarf. Don’t make a statement with anything else.

22. Never ever be a bulletin board or an ad board.

23. No sport or university jerseys ever ever unless you are playing in the team and it is during game.

24. Match the season. Autumn colors in fall, dark colors in winter, earthly colors in spring and bright colors in summer.

25. Minimalism in clothing too. Wear Only what you need. It has to match the function.

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