Film Review: Fire at Sea

Each shot can stand alone as a work of photographic art. It is a documentary film from a third person omnicious point of view. 

The sea here plays a big part of the theme. It is the canvas. It is the life and death. It is the silence. It is the observer and the actor. 

There is no more real encounter of the Mediterranean  refugee crisis of our time better and more vivid than this film. 

True work of Art depicting the true scary face of our vulnerabilities and decaying innocence of our humanity. 

Cicely … the calming sea … the apathetic waves … the simplicity of the island inhabitants, the innocence of childhood … the serenity of boredom … the beauty of Italian traditional music … the peace of family … contrasted with what these waves brings of human suffering ashore. 

Must see. Must present. Must act to end suffering of our species. 

1 thought on “Film Review: Fire at Sea”

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