W Planner 5.0 Plans

W Planner 4.0 continues to be the secret behind my achievements and progress. I owe it largely to it and to the structure that it provides. I continue to believe in its effectiveness. The plan with the 4.0 premium was to market it for a $10 acquisition fee. But by the time I received it, the estimated acquisition fee was $60 and it didn’t make sense to market it anymore.

Moving forward with plan B for the W Planner 5.0 is to divide it into 2 parts:

Part 1: W Planner 5.0 – The Base

Introduction – expand to 8 pages with more theory and references. (8)

Personal Mission, Values Statements, vision, and 5 years plan. (14)

Rituals: Morning, Shut down, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and annual. (6)

5 Year Breakdowns. (5)

Resolutions from two pages to 4 pages. (4)

Desire & Incentive List. (2)

Annual events. (2)

End of Year Report 5 times. (20 x 5 = 100)

Timeline: 15 pages

Total estimated pages: 155

Part 2: W Planner 5.0 The Quarterly

Lists (Reading, Film, Connect, Gratitude, Travel): 2 pages (6 pages total for three months)

Monthly View: 2 Pages (6)

Budget: 2 Pages (6)

Learning and Epiphanies: 1 Page (3)

Then 4 of this twice, and 5 of this once: (52 pages)

Weekly Start: 1 Page

Daily Calendar: 2 Pages

Weekly Diary: 1 page

End of Month Report:

Achievement, Monthly Report, Mentor Meeting, Reflection (4 x 3 = 12 pages)

Memo – 15 pages

Total = 100 pages

Part 3: The Stickers

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