My Top 10 Reading List for 2021-2022

1. Line in the Sand

The story of drawing the Middle East in the rooms of French British bickering.

2. Shakespeare and Company

The story of Sylvia Beach, the founder of the most famous book store in the world, that published the most famous novel in the world, Ulysses, in the most creative age of this world, 1920’s, in the most beautiful city of this world, Paris.

3. A Hunter-Gatherer’s Guide to the 21st Century: Evolution and the Challenges of Modern Life

At the end of each chapter, they will summarize it with useful tips for our 21st century derived from a deep understanding of our evolutionary history … and they will explain them to you.

4. Happiness Hypothesis

It was quoted so much by other books that I had to read it. Amazing collection of research on what makes us happy. This book will make you wiser.

5. تخليص الإبريز في تلخيص باريس

Translates to “The Golden Summary of Paris”, is a book written by a scholar of AlAzhar after a trip to Paris in the 1830’s. This is the birth of the Arab Renaissance that lasted till 1920’s. The best part was when he was describing dancing, of which the closest thing in Egypt that he can give an analogy was wrestling.

6. Satanic Bible

Published in 1969 by Anton LaVey, The Satanic Bible is an interesting take on the concept of religion and Satan. It has nothing to do with actual belief in Satan … but Satan is used as a symbol of indulgence and lust, and in depth the human desire and fear. This book is a tabu that you can rarely find, but it is nice to explore totally different perspectives.

7. Making the Arab World

Well the first thing I have to say, this is not about the making of the Arab World. I am actually deeply disappointed with the title that undermines the whole history of the Arab World. This is not event he story of the making of modern Egypt. But at anycase, this is the story of the Clash between Nasser and Qutb, and its influences on the region.

8. Intuition by Osho

I love Osho, the indian godman,[3] mystic, and founder of the Rajneesh movement. He is definitely one of the founders of spirituality in the 20th century. This book, lent to me by my friend, talks about knowledge that is beyond logic… intuition. As science confirms, that 97% of your brain activity is non-relational … we are not conscious off. Access to it is called intuition. Osho speaks about that from a spiritual perspective.

9. الجامعة الإسلامية بين السيد جمال الدين الأفغاني والسلطان عبد الحميد

A free book available for download at the link below in Arabic titled: The Islamic League between Sayid Jamal ElDeen AlAfghani and Sultan Abdulhamid. The Islamic League was a project created by Sayid Jamal ElDeen and adapted by Sultan Abdulhamid. It didn’t last due to political circumstances and deprioritization, ending with the coupe of 1909 that overthrew Sultan Abdilhamid and reduced him to a symbol, then exiled him in 1912 till his death in 1918.

10. الوطن العربي بعد 100 عام من سايكس بيكو … قراءة في الخرائط

Written by a friend, it reexamines the maps of Sykes Picot and collects documentation on the maps and map drawing processes of a very important stage. It is a great resource for anyone studying this subject in depth.

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