On The Path of Reduction of Smart Device Reign Part 1

Photo by Bekir Donmez on Pexels.com

Morning Messages

I found myself opening the phone in the morning to check if I have received any messages on Whatsapp, then checking Facebook notifications and Instagram Notifications.

I don’t know what I was looking for, but it was more of a habit. I really don’t need the phone in the morning. I don’t even use the alarm on it. I wake up naturally AKA my partner.

I don’t need to check facebook except once a day, and instagram except once a week, and twitter once a month since it is my account with least followers.

Also, people who will send me urgent messages, will actually call me. If you don’t receive a call, it is never urgent. So I can also check the messages periodically, and have more control of when to check them. I want to be in control rather than the phone, or hence the people who send you the messages.


I found next that my speakers are connected to my phone and hence I turn music from my phone. It is a trap where once you open the phone, you are enticed to check messages and go to Social Media. So I connected the Mac desktop in the living room to the speakers and I can play music from it. No need for the phone anymore.

Checking Bank Accounts

That also doesn’t have to be checked all the time. There could be a time for all that to take place togehter. I actually have automated things that I reduced checking my bank accounts to only the days I receive my paycheck.


Referr to Cal Newport’s A World Without Email.

Learning Apps

I found that I do use Duolingo and Chess on my phone. Fine, make it in specific times so you are in control, then put the phone away afterthat.

The Help of Apple Watch

You can answer calls via your Apple Watch, but it is annoying to text through it, unless it is a simple message back, like Yes or No. That can be a way to keep the phone away while wearing the watch to receive calls and direct texts (not whatsapp).

WhatsApp For Productivity and Communication

I started using WhatsApp desktop application when I am using it to communicate designs or collaborating on decision making.

The 9 in 10 System

  1. Duolingo 4 Min
  2. Bank Account Check 1 Min
  3. Headline News Check 1 Min
  4. Login Weight 1 Min
  5. Check Facebook Notifications 1 Min
  6. Check Instagram Notifications 1 Min
  7. Post W Planner Post 1 Min

Total = 10 Min

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