Best 10 Books I Read in 2020

1. A Line in The Sand by James Barr

The story of Sykes Picot agreement in details, and from a very authentic, academic, and impartial author and sources. This is the most important story of how the Arab World was divided by colonial powers after World War I and it is the basis for everything happening today in the Middle East. A must read for every Arabic person.

To know more about the Arab Revolt, read the next book on this list, The Arab Awakening.

2. The Arab Awakening

The story of the Arab Revolt, starting from AlNahda (Arab Renaissance or Arab Awakening) in early 19 century, and ending in the Sykes Picot agreement and the division of the Arab World into small divided weak countries designed to fail and fight. A must read for every Arabic Person or a person who cares about the Middle East.

3. Sacrophobia (Phobia ALMukaddas) by Mustapha Alomari

Written in Arabic by my friend Mustapha AlOmary, Sacrophobia is a book about how the Islamic mind and culture have raised Muslims to be scared from challenging or questioning what have been deemed to be sacred, whether it is a holy book or text, or a holy individual. Mustapha challenges this phobia and induces the reader into a free conversation with the Prophet of Islam.

4. Permanent Record by Edward Snowden

I bought it fast fearing that it might be withdrawn from the market due to its high controversy and the challenge of the US Government to it. Edward Snowden, still exiled in hiding in Russia, is telling his story in details, and is reflecting on the issue of Privacy and freedom of citizens. Very informative and well written.

5. The 100 Years War on Palestine by Rashid Khalidi

If you want to understand the Palestinian issue, and the Arab Israeli conflict, this book is a must, especially for those who want to learn how to frame this subject in modern terms and vision. Professor Khalidi, the holder of the Edward Saeed chair in Columbia University, and one of the leading Arab American thinkers and intellectuals, and of the internationally leading figures on the Palestinian issue, explains this 100 years colonial project in Palestine.

He was also invited by us, the Executive Board of AlNadwa Freethinking society to speak in Dearborn Michigan about the same subject. Here is the video from the talk:

6. Guns, Germs, and Steal

How human cultures differed in advancement from one to the other and the roots of that.

7. The Case Against Reality by Donald Hoffman

Nature and our biological evolution have not set us up to know reality.

8. The War on Normal People

Ran for president 2020, and introduced UBI. Very intelligent candidate and the voice of the future. Endorsed by Elon Musk.

9. The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism Is Un-American by Andrew L. Seidel

Christian Nationalism is unAmerican … Andrew will 100% prove it to you and put an end to the delusion of any relationship between Christianity and America.

10. Sex Power Money by Sara Pascoe

I first came across her Sara Pascoe when I was in Paris in September of 2018 passing by the famous historical bookstore and cafe, Shakespeare and Company, where Sara was speaking and signing this book. Although I couldn’t even get a glimpse of her face, for she was deep in the small 18th century bookstore, while I was standing outside among the crowds listening to her over the speaker system. To my back exactly stood Notre Dam De Paris, so beautiful among the beginning of fall colors.

She is funny and scientific, impartial and blunt, witty and clear. It is a fun read for whoever wants the latest biological discoveries about our nature and the struggle of power between men and women in a smooth witty funny write up.

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