New in W’s Photography

via Instagram “In Paris, explanations come in a predictable sequence, no matter what is being explained. First comes the explanation in terms of the unique, romantic individual, then the explanation in terms of ideological absolutes, and then the explanation in terms of the futility of all explanation. So, for instance, if your clothes-drier breaks down and you want to get the people from BHV to come and fix it, you will be told first that only one man knows how it works and he cannot be found (explanation in terms of the gifts of the romanticised individual); next, that it cannot be fixed for a week because of a store policy (explanation in terms of ideological necessity); and, finally, that you are perfectly right to find all this exasperating, but nothing can be done because it is in the nature of things for a drier to break down, driers are like that (futility of explanation itself).”
Adam Gopnik

#wcharaf September 09, 2019 at 04:41PM

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