New in W’s Photography

via Instagram One of the side doors that leads into Harvard main campus. .
209 acres
1636 established $39.2 B endowments
79 libraries
8 U.S. presidents
30 foreign heads of state
62 living billionaires
359 Rhodes Scholars
242 Marshall Scholars
158 Nobel laureates
18 Fields Medalists
14 Turing Award winners
10 Academy Awards
48 Pulitzer Prizes
108 Olympic medals
46 gold
41 silver
21 bronze
#1 University nationally
#1 university globally
Some alumni:
Banazir Bhutto
Bill Gates
Ban Ki-moon
The Obama’s
Stephen Jay Gould
Steven Pinker
E O Wilson
Matt Damon
Natalie Portman
Tyra Banks
Jared Kushner
Rashida Jones
Henry Kissinger
Benjamin Netenyaho
RB Ginsburg
Yo yo ma
TS Elliot
John Quincy Adams
Leonard Bernstein
E E Cummings
Lou Dobbs
Ralph Emerson
Helen Keller
Bill O Riley
Conan O Brian
Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Robert Frost

#wcharaf August 12, 2019 at 07:13AM

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