New in W’s Photography

via Instagram “He swings in the night, and she beside him on the other swing. They swing in opposite directions, only to meet in the middle, in passing. It is a friendship, but she is his beloved, his adoration. Close as she is, she remains elusive forever.

This incident of “opposite swings” serves as a grander metaphor for the themes of this collection of poems: heartbreak, assimilation, isolation, and stark contrast. Here is a young man—a Lebanese immigrant, a devout Believer, a helpless lover—tormented by unrequited love and a foreign, rejecting culture. With tender grace and colliding contrast, Charafeddine’s poems blend the surging tsunamic passion of his broken Middle-Eastern spirit with the tacit craft of the English form. The photographs in the book, which serve to enhance the poems, are equally masterful.”
Yousif Alqamoussi

Thank you @yalqam
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#wcharaf April 09, 2019 at 01:40AM

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