February 2017 Personal Productivity Report

In the second month of the year, and after the Annual Strategic Meeting  at Fort Lauderdale that took place in the first week of February, implementing the W Plan for this month has a significant importance: it is testing the refined and edited plan to make sure it works, and stepping up the game plan based on the results.

So in January, I had 308 steps accomplished and an overall success rate of 55%. Last month of February, I had a 62% success rate and 367 steps accomplished.

Last month of February, I had a 62% success rate and 367 steps accomplished.

There were 12 important accomplishments in the month of February, including the establishment of 4 new businesses, establishment of a new meetup group and secured a great location for it, and some successes at the non-profit level.

The diet plan worked out fine and comfortable, although I followed the diet 76% of the time, and stuck to the menu 90% of the time, and exercised 85% of the time, I am 0.6 lbs away from the month’s goal.  This I counted as a failure, and next month it will get more strict.

Four of my goals in business that require coding and deep thinking, were not touched during the month due to lack of that “deep work” time.  Also, I had 53% success in doing my daily meditation, although much success in hiking through the woods. 

For that, an important resolution had to be made to tackle these “failures”.  The way is to create Deep Work time. Watch this video about Deep Work:

These resolutions were decided based on this:

2017.2.24.a Facebook is deleted as a phone application

2017.3.3.a Wake up at 6. Meditate to 6:15. Deep Work 6:15 to 8am.

2017.3.3.b To read and sleep, I have to be in bed by 10:30PM, otherwise a nap of 1 hour is needed in the afternoon of the next day.
2017.3.3.c Check mail once a week and scan once a month

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