Checking Email 3 Times Daily

The average business personnel receives about 125 emails daily and sends about 41 emails. [SOURCE]

Although, Tim Ferris in his book, the 4 Hours Work Week, recommends checking email twice a day, I think we need to up that to 3 times given that the book was written about a decade ago, before the Smart Phone revolution.

I recommend checking the Email 3 times daily only, and disabling all notifications for receiving emails!  Emails should not be received like text messages.  Emails are never urgent.  Emails will never be urgent (unless they wire our brains in the future).

You think that I will recommend three times to check the emails?  No, I won’t.  Because life is not a calendar or a schedule.  Check the email 3 times or less a day whenever it is comfortable and right.

Unless you are a monk or in vacation, you should check your email at least once a day.  That is the expectation of the human civilization in 2015.  If you are not planning to, leave an automatic response declaring that to give the right expectation.  Vacation automessages are very important and appropriate.  Use them so you may maintain your email integrity as a method of communication.

Also, while you are at it, delete all your old emails and consolidate into 2 or 3 emails maximum: Work/Personal/Non-profit. If you need more than that, you probably need to decrease your involvements!

I wonder if this post would be obsolete in the near future?  I think any article about technology is going to be obsolete in few years after it is written given the current rate of things.

Don’t create an icloud or @me account if you already have an email.  Don’t let Apple convince you to do that.  You can stick to your email and use it as an icloud account.  The opposite is true, and you can use any email to sign up to Google. You don’t need a gmail per say.

That’s it … check your email 3 times a day, not more!  

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