Resolutions … Milestones of Failure or A Journey for Success?

I think this is probably the 10th year where I set resolutions at New Year.

I can tell you one thing: I learned a lot from setting resolutions.

I learned that:

1. Resolutions should not be dreams.

2. Accept that resolutions may be disappointing in size sometimes, but at least realistic.

3. Resolutions should be below expectations, just like humans are!

4. Resolutions need to be divided into weekly if not daily size bits.

5. Allow some room for make up (dedicate 10% of the frequency to make up).

6. Allow some room for skipping (allow skipping 1 out of 10 times).

7. Allow some room for catching up (dedicate certain weeks for catching up with some resolutions).

8. Allow some room for trade-in’s (allow swapping identical or similar tasks like swimming with jogging).

9. Check up on them every once a while (do a review and adjust accordingly at least quarterly).

10. Write them up (buy a small notebook … cellphones are over rated)!

Well, establishing this blog will help me write more this year, and this is one of my resolutions.

They shall be a milestone to measure our failure … hence measure our sublime and meaningless life.

or they shall be weaved into a journey of our fulfillment as intelligent beings.

In both cases, they shall be worth it!

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