W Planner Offers…

High Quality Paper planner Undated (can start it at anytime and use it for any year) One Full Year of daily/weekly/monthly planning (an investment once a year) Personal Mission Statement worksheet Personal Value Statements worksheet Personal Vision worksheet Morning Rituals Daily follow up on Morning Rituals Monthly analysis of Morning Rituals Shutdown Rituals Daily followContinue reading “W Planner Offers…”

Triannual Goal Report

It has been 4 months using the W Planner, and it is a good time for an overall reflection and analysis of managing myself for 2017. Since February 1, 2017, when I started the W Planner electronically, I have had 1764 tasks.  I accomplished 1051 tasks, that is 60% of all the tasks assigned. SomeContinue reading “Triannual Goal Report”